English vs German

Welche Sprache wähle ich denn? Meistens brainstorme ich auf Englisch. Es fällt mir gerade bei dramatischen Szenen leichter, sie nicht auf deutsch zu verfassen. Im Gegensatz sind meine deutschen Romane lustiger. Sci-Fi auf deutsch kann ich nicht. Mein Stil ist je nach Sprache ganz verschieden und deshalb sitze ich bei einer Idee auch erst mal vor dem leeren Blatt und überlege…und manchmal weiß ichs nicht, wenn ich nicht schon in einer Sprache die Idee gedacht habe. Dann wirds

Kennt ihr das auch?

Wordfighting. Each sentence brought her closer to him.

Könnt ich nicht auf deutsch schreiben. Mag ich aber sehr.

Mh. Und weil ich mich nicht entscheiden kann, gibts auch in den nächsten Wochen einen Roman von mir auf deutsch und einen auf englisch zu kaufen. Wohoo.


I never know which language to pick for a new project. If I have a clear idea in my mind I usually know which language fits it best. But sometimes I just don’t know and then I struggle. Usually, dramatic scenes work better in English, funny ones better in German. And Sci-Fi is a no go in German. I need English for that. And since I can’t decide, I’ll publish a German and English novel within the next couple of weeks.


Work in Progress: the synopsis for „Ugly bird/Lonely boy“

writing the synopsis for "Ugly bird/Lonely boy"

Peet doesn’t know he can jump between every planet in the galaxy until he is faced with a lynch mob of people who do not appreciate birds singing at the top of their lungs in the middle of the night. Which is also something Peet is really good at. It is save to say that he is the most unusual bird in the history of birds.

So, quite unexpectedly, Peet finds himself on a very slippery floor, which belongs to a space station, the current home of Mike. Mike is eleven and has just very recently lost his mother. People say she is dead, but Mike holds onto the hope that she is really just simply lost. Which is a good thing because once Mike can somehow escape the daycare center, he can go and try to find her (those other kids are insane!).

Mike runs into Peet as he is doing an errand for Ensign Roland, who is also stuck in the daycare center as part of her training to be a pilot (she has failed to see the logic of this). Mike decides to take the strange bird with him and hides him in his quarters.

Two officers, who know the immense value and rarity of Peet’s kind saw Mike pick him up and show up at his quarters a couple of hours later, eager to get their hands on Peet and exploit him to their advantages. Frightened, Peet jumps away and thus starts a roller coaster ride, which involves meeting demons (apparently relations of Peet) incinerating a planet and a trip home to Mike’s grandmother (no relation to anyone), who informs him that his mother was a secret caretaker and protector of Peet’s kind.

Peet and Mike jump to the planet his mother had last traveled to and land right in the middle of a fight between them and the other caretakers of the birds: dragons.

This is what I have so far. The title should have said: „Trying“ to write. No matter how often I revise I still think it doesn’t flow nicely and I’m leaving things out that I should write in. I have another synopsis in store to share soon-ish and am working on the ones for the German novels. They aren’t easy to write, are they?