Terry Pratchett: Small Gods

Small Gods (Discworld, #13)Small Gods by Terry Pratchett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So smart. So wonderful. And funny.

I love how it is ultimately about responsibility. The responsibility of people, history and god (or gods, depending on where you are from). I love (being an atheist myself) that he didn’t declare what is right or wrong. You believe or you don’t. Fine, as long as you think too. I loved the part where Brutha (love him) and Om are in there desert and he talks about the god being replaced by the religion. Smart. And that deities need people too. It is too often forgotten. A lot of people I know should read this and maybe re-think their way of believing.


Also: Didactylos. That name is perfection. Best name ever. Apart from maybe Aristocrates. *lol*

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