Toni Morrison: Desdemona

DesdemonaDesdemona by Toni Morrison
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As you might or might not know, Othello is not just my favorite play, but probably also my favorite piece of literature ever. I wrote my thesis on it and I have very clear views on it. For instance, I resent the racist interpretation that claims, Othello just succumbed to jealousy. It is much more complex than that, as are the characters.

That being said, the ‚Leerstelle‘ / vacancy that is Desdemona has always bothered me and I even attempted to put her story into words. Needless to say, I failed to express what I had in my mind.

It needed Toni Morrison to do it. She has, in my opinion, given answers to all those questions that remained open in Shakespeare’s play. It is short, succinct and precise. The songs are wonderful and evocative. It is complex. The women have their say, finally.

I love it. I love Toni Morrison’s writing. She simply has no equal. And I am grateful she took on the subject.

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